• So the alliance cap is 40, alright.

    So how do we expand beyond this cap?

    Or are you going to make me have to delegate people to go and make their own alliances for when the main one gets full?

    So what was the reason for the cap because I assume me having another 3 sub clans defeats the purpose of what ever it was to limit them in the first place.

    It should be unlimited or it should be 100. And then there should be a way if it is 100 to create a group that other alliances can join into so when you visit the main alliance's home page you can see and visit all the sub clans under it and vice versa.


  • first it was 50, then it was 7 and now it's 40, i think it's not possible to go over 40 in a single alliance, but what you need it for?

    do you intend to play a challange with another alliance in a map of 100 players?

    i can understand that you want to make a larger community from it but i don't know, 40 players per alliance, taking in count the normal challenge is the 5v5...


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  • This game is about getting huge. So I should be able to have a huge community.

    There shouldn't be silly restrictions like that in general. Alliances are not only made for challenges and clan wars.

    I want to be able to obtain super power level alliance size of 1,000+ members where I can have A-teams for challenges and A-teams for regular matches so that we can offer a coalition to play with at all times for all desired skill levels.

    So that when you log on you can find other friendly people to play with instantly.

    It would only be in their interest to allow community super powers that constantly hunt new players to keep them playing.

  • Sounds chaotic. ?(