Provinces not rebeling

  • Hello.

    I am playing in game 2742166. I have seen a player who has had 7-10 territories under 30% morale for at least 4 days and has suffered one rebellion. He lost and then recaptured the one rebellion. I have also lost and recaptured a province from rebellion, so i know that the rebellion script is working. The area i am concerned with is northern India and the area where British Burma would be located. British Madras has had these territories since day three of the game, it is now day 7 and he has had only one rebellion the whole time, In the once capital of British Burma. How is it possible to not have any rebellion over a 4 day period with 7-8 provinces under 30% morale??


  • probably he has a lot of troops there

    It has fog on it so not exactly sure how many but con not be a whole lot. I have troops moving into positions to see.

    Or those are "inland" provinces without direct contact to other nations.

    Those provinces don´t rebel so often even with 0 troops inside them.

    6 are coastal touching his coalition member, one is not touching any thing but himself and sea (which is the one he had to recapture). The other 4 are not coastal but 3 are touching his coalition member and himself and 1 is touching coalition member and a neutral player and himself.

  • I leave only troops in recently captured provinces which are in connection with other nations even if they have low morale.

    The one´s that are inside my nation I keep empty.

    Then when the morale is over 30% I will move some troops there so I will never have them completely empty.