Custom Flanders Front Game

  • After playing a few matches in the new Flanders Field Event, been disappointed that there are some players who attack and lose to AI, or players who log in, but log out instantly - perhaps something to do with the nation they are playing or just inactive player. These player based issues have made some of the games unreliable and one sided.

    After thinking thoroughly, is it possible for the devs of moderators to host or create a custom game that ensures players get the full experience of this event with where there are no inactives and players from both sides coordinate with their alliance? The players have to sign up and be sure they are active and such. There will be a discord server hosted for communication and organising of the event. Plus, a 10 v 10 in this gamemode is like a battle of the century! So whose on board? ;)

  • I think 1 day Inactive is a better solution in 2 maps the AI did more then player did even after the North part was already taken by the enemy team we still won 3vs 10 destroy there South .After the turn all AI in the North the AI take city back and we 3 push from South 2 days later we had the Points:) turn the map around.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • It is possible to organize a 10v10 with the event, we would have to ask for permission but I think it could be granted easily.

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