Infantry Recruitment changed?

  • I just noticed that upon building recruitment offices, it takes a day or so for it to recruit new inf units.

    Back then (if I remembered correctly) you used to be able to recruit 1 inf unit in less than an hour upon building a recruitment office, but now that's changed.

    Is this a bug or was there a change that I missed?

  • depends if you are talking about regular map or event map

    for regular map if you have office and 100% morale in province it will take roughly one day to produce infantry

    with barracks lvl2 you will shorten it to 8 hours

  • Regular.

    I remember building recruiting offices back then and getting 1 unit in my double resource province after I built a recruiting office, but now it takes like 12 hrs after.

  • i just experienced the same in a a 500p map, there were no recruitment offices, then i built them but instead of receiving units as usual, within the first hour, it took almost 1 day for the double and almost 2 days for the normal

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