Limit the use of Goldmarks.

  • Once again I have war against a player, that think victories are something you buy in the candystore.

    I "invest" quite some time in this game and I'm somewhat tired of being by such people. So I suggest the gameowners put a little stone in each of the boots of General GoldMark and his men.

    Goldmark is part of the game I know. Needed to develop it and keep the game in the air. So the use of goldmarks are to stay. But please wait to use them until the game is up running.

    Using GM's to buy ressources when the stockexchange is empty or the price ridiculous high. Or reduce buildingtime with 12-24 hours or so when it becomes too "hard" to wait..... that's quite "ok" with me.

    Situations where I find the use lousy are when players rushbuy buildings already from the start (as nation "xxxx" did in game "yyyy" (dont think I'm allowed to write the name of the player) - building fortress and barracks in the same city at day 1 - and continued to do so with more advanced building during the whole upstart of the game. And now he also rushbuy units.... That is too much - that ruins the game for all the other players.

    I know very well we (the other players) can declare war on that person or make a trade-embargo, hoping the price for a bought victory might become too high. We are 6 nations at war with him now - but how much that will help..... I'm not sure.

    Therefore I suggest:

    The use of Goldmarks is suspended the first 2 weeks of a game.


    The use of Goldmarks is limited to the Stockmarket the first 2 weeks of a game.


    The use of Goldmarks is limited to one usage per province per day (units OR buildings) the first 2 weeks of a game.

    Last alternative is too much I would say, but still better than it is today.

  • GMarks should be excluded from military purposes

    so everyone who has GMs can produce a lot of units in a fast time but they cannot ie heal them , destroy airfields in use, lower morale of province in a combat zone, destroy buildings in a combat zone and so on

    In a current game guy alreayd use at elast 4 mln GMs agaisnt me

    In earlier which I won guys used almost 8 mln GMs against me

    in a last map I had to adabandon due to fact I was not able to repair my airports any longer - 2 mlns were used to destroy my airports , ground my planes in the middle of the night and make them easy target for arts.... lost half of my airforce durinf first day of fight because of GMs.

    so as long as GMs for eco trading spying building are ok, destroying half of army with just GMs is not cool