Updated 31 Player Europe Landswap Map

  • I was doing some utility landswap maps based on the 31 Player Europe Map (which may be released eventually), when I noticed multiple flaws with the map provided in Narmer's post, likely due to game updates that occurred after the creation of the map.

    After a bit of work, I have completed a more accurate version. Here it is, full colors and black and white:


    Here is the list of changes:

    • Divide of Columbia and Summerville, in South USA;
    • Removal of some lakes north of Port Cartier;
    • Removal of Malta, south of Italy;
    • Removal of lakes south of Constantine and retouching of the border with Bougle & Oued, in East Algeria;
    • Removal of lake between Kairwan and Médenine, in Tunisia (Portugal AI in game);
    • Removal of lakes north of Konich and Adalia, in the Ottoman Empire;
    • Removal of a lake Southeast of Vienna, in Austria Hungary;
    • Removal of lakes around Milan, in Italy;
    • Removal of a lake southwest of Berne, in Switzerland (Belgium AI in game);
    • Removal of a lake West of Sundsvall, in Sweden.

    If you find an error let me know.

  • Dear InYourHeart,

    I have added your maps to the landshuffle maps and changed those of Cisco to outdated. Thanks for your effort. If I notice any stuff missing or changing I'll let you know.

    Yours sincerely,

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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