Completely removing last update

  • Hello

    It seems last update caused a lot of things to manifest as bugs in the game

    just to mention:

    1. units not splittign after being in agressive mode

    2. arts not following target in normal mode

    3. art not shooting at enemy in normal mode if enemy goes in yoru range... I lost whole bridage of arts because of that

    4. loosing randomly planes when they fly between airfields, i heard others are loosing arts and tanks that way.

    5. no indication of patrol time when you give planes on patrol to your friend

    6. i had stuck of 55 infs nad 5 cavs. wen on war, quickly had 50 infs and 1 cav.... not sure what you did to a dmg but it just kills everything that is not inf first. ridiculous.

    7. still fire at will and aggressive mode working for some users, not workign for others. seems that feature chooses how it wants to work.

    cherry on the cake

    8. My high mech army of car tank ht cavs and infs was taking 2* bigger army of enemy infs with morale below 30. My morale for biological untis were wround 87%. after killing 30-40 untis of enemy in first tound and him killing me somehow 8 hitpoitns each time we went to a point when he started to kill of my units and I was killing 3-5 of his, for sure this is a huge programming mistake that was not tested anywhere. Additionally his infs were not loosing morale at all for couple of rounds. In the final his 3 last units took 4 hitpoint from me while I still had around 20 infs 2 cavs on morale 85% 1 ht 1 ac and 1 t on morale above 60%. Now what you have done is - you hardcoded something in a newest update that protects smaller units against bigger ones forcing bigger units to deal up to 10 times less dmg while defending units deal same amount of dmg for long time just to go to half a dmg in the last tick. and how 3 infs on 27% can take 4 hitpoints from my much bigger army with 3 times bigger morale and stance - it is still mystery to me.

    Now it looks noone ever tested that new patch properly with multiple iterations. can we please test things before we put them live as they destroy armies, sometimes they destroy golden armies not saying about wasting time of your customers. you can loose battle because of that untested update and consequently whole war -> map. One can say it is lack of any respect to a customers of the product. Imagine Windows making a patch that disables usage of music on the machine - because they have not tested product properly. This is kind of situation we are dealing with.

    now because all of that - can we please remove newest update, hire a tester or gameplay designer to test it in close environment with proper test report, and do not publish update till we are sure it will not angry customers?

    Thank you


  • I can add that

    8. my troops on return fire only - opened fire to incoming infantry

    9. I was not able to bomb enemy troops which were bombarded several time earlier. Game placed a lock and i just could not do bombing any more

    10. my bbses are killing 1-2 inf all the time , same with bombers while they should kill from time to time 6 and more
    11. on aggressive mode my arty was not firing on incoming enemies and got run over

    in general person responsible for that update owns me one map 500 and a lot of gold to my friends who lost golden units because of that update, which is not update really but mass of bugs and exploits added to the game

  • 12. apparently now devs completely killed possibility to fight gold users with planes. You remember planes flying between two airfields and even if the target airfields was destroyed planes continue till the last second...

    now with the introduction of Bug Update planes cannot do it and they are strangled in one place if GM user decides so. Only way out is paying for rebuilding and hoping that after 100th time opponents will run out of money or run on foot. Both solution unacceptable.

    if you are not into using GMs to rebuild airfields I can say - do not even build a single plane as they all will be killed without a fight just by using GMs, Thank you very much for another faulty solution that makes air gameplay completely redundant against even small number of GMs.

    seriously- can we test things first multiple times instead of releasing 20 new bugs without second thought about user's experience?

  • ......

    seriously- can we test things first multiple times instead of releasing 20 new bugs without second thought about user's experience?

    totally agreed :thumbup:

    I can imagine this task maybe aint that case the community can assist a bit more communication about updates and / or "improvements" might help. regards