Overwhelming Force is Recruiting

  • In 1982, back in the days of dial-up, I created a website called BUSHIDO BBS, and on that site I created a game known as "Battle for North America" or BNA. It was a geopolitical game, very similar to Supremacy1914, except that it was essentially play-by-mail (or in this case, message). Being dial-up, only one player could be on at a time, players messaged me as to their move for that turn, I calculated the results, including battles using a 10-sided-die to determine odds, and posted the results the next morning, We had up to 30 players from all over the USA (some of whom I later learned were hacking their way in through other's phone numbers). The game ran until July of 1987 when outside circumstances forced me to take it down. I did investigate several times in the interim the feasibility of automating the game to run on a www. website, but other things always seemed to take priority...BUSHIDO BBS may have been the forerunner of games such as Supremacy....

  • try it here, check all maps and I am pretty sure you can get possibility to create your own RP on 31 or 100 map, you just need a list of players who will fill 51% of sits on the map

    and em, well

    level of players honesty has decreased significantly since 1982