Competitive 500 for teams

  • Simple idea

    once we had League of players: 10 player on Europe map and points from that maps were collected during the season

    no gms, no insulting and trolling, no repetitive exploits - just game to check who has better skills and strategy. we were not interested who has more friends, more gold or more time.

    In general same can be done for 500 map with teams up to 7 people , with pre-drawn countries

    in RPGs they needed 150 players to have a closed 500

    so i am guessing 22 teams of 154 players will do.

    Map is divided into 6 continents - we choose first which continent we want- if there is to many players we draw .

    Then same with countries we can choose - in case more than one person wants a country- we draw.

    Ofc we will need some team support and 1 Gold user who would like to be our patron and sponsor to remove teams that do not follow rules. instant spawn of 50 bombers will do :-). Roper gulf- are you interested?

    I would say 7 people from same alliance would be max as we do not want giving provinces and resources to other coalitions- if you die, you should die with what you have. If you alliance cannot get 7 people- join with other folks.

    we would not have enough people with proper skill level so I would say other servers like germans,italians, spanish and french should join too. and I would say some kind of entry barrier should be present- at least 12 months in supre, maybe 25 games and lets say captain rank. All packages included. 3 days peace time? 48 mobilization time from declaring war to waging one.

    I would try to avoid what we have on maps now- backstabbing, betraying allies, taking whole countries without a single shoot, getting millions of resources for free, sitting in night with Hnr and other exploits that depends on activity, not on strategy. ofc one person cannot make list of what should and should not be in such an important event so I am guessing representation of each team should have 1 vote in every matter and simple majority ( 50% +1) would win a vote. Rules and set up should represent every team , not and organizers point of view . Free rules, free vote, free gameplay

  • I like the idea of this 500 map, would bring the community of s1914 together, IMO

    Not sure about placing a minimum rank on players involved... some skill is needed especially for players not familiar with dynamics of 500 maps, however the unfamiliar players would be under guidance of their friend pack's experienced players, without micromanaging the team (friend pack) but similar to an alliance battle map where the general makes battle plan and build schedule as well as troop movement for his team...

    Also like the idea of having skilled players from other servers, we need something to bring s1914 community together this is a good idea.