How to greatly Increase Defense - Flower Defense

  • With a new Bytro approach it became possible to use flowers once more



    use flowers to defend

    basically what you do- you increase def dmg and dmg absorption of your units by couple of times

    put units in a town or on the road- do not attack, just defend standing in place then start dividing this force lets say of 50 infs into 50 *1 going into different directions from that position, but at the same time give them delay- they will not move from place, they will not attack enemy, they will reduce dmg received by 80% and they will increase def damage by hundreds% - beautiful, is it not?

    more important - every one of them has fort support

    the best use is to defend walled cities- I was able to withstand attack from 5 bbses and 3 lcs loosing only 2-3 units per round out of 40infs I had using Flowers

    at the same time friend hit me in nearby town with his melee stack: 90 inf 90% 9 tanks 5 HTs 5 cavs vs 57 of inf 60% + 1 balloon and 2 cavs, everything on my side created flower

    First hit from enemy- I lose 2 infs , he loses 12 infs 1 tank 1 ht and 2 cavs....he had also 24 arts supporting him which were killine 2-5 infs per round

    Also use it during landings- while you land yo do not attack enemy defending shores, but he needs to attack you thus dividing troops will greatly increase your chances of successful landing, I would say tenfold. So what are you waiting for? Test it right now and show others how skilled you are in art of defense.

    to check it is true compare strength of 18 units and 18* 1 units below- you will see colossal difference, gl hf

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    Time of Defense has come



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  • let me know how it worked for you, I will try to create flower lvl 2 which will withstand longer and will deal more dmg, we will see if it is possible

    at the same time write how do you counter flowers.

    For sure there is one counter with range units

    I wonder if we can counter it with melee.

  • wow, this is nonsense i have ever read. i cant believe the developers missed this cheating method. this is not a "strategy", this is an exploit, plain & simple.

    EDITED: Removed infringing content.

    - Keji Gima

  • I guess you are new to the game then jaffar386. It would been flagged by the moderators if it was cheating and we would not be able to see or post on it anymore. I for one think that it is a good strategy.

    Edited: Removed infringing content.

    - Keji Gima

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  • ahahahahaha how is that strategy? if thats the way people play this game, then i guess i wont be playing it. thats a shame, it has potential.

    edit: the more popular article on this subject literally describes it as an exploit of a glitch. if you dont see how this is an exploit, im not sure how to illustrate it. describing the process is self-evident of its nature.

  • probably, but if top players who are regarded to be the best, who were finalists of Bytro Championship are using it against you, even thought they do not have to because of having 6-1 advantage, you start to think what is wrong

    is it me or them

    and you finish fighting Flower with the Flower

    it is one of top 3 exploits available now so it is your choice what to do with it.

  • Quote

    Because it's still the very same exploit of an oversight in the game mechanic and it's a bush league move to use those.


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  • There are people who are using that against others

    and there is 90% of people who have no idea what flower is and why it is so effective

    I wrote that article so people could understand what enemy is doing to them and have time to prepare defensive measures be honest- most of people do not have time or will to do flowers

    Flowers are also great way to defend against HNR and other active opponents

    this give chance to defenders to have advantage over attacker like in a real world

  • Yeah, that's why you only explained how to do it and didn't spend a single word on how to combat it. Very credible.

    Using realism to justify an actual game exploit is very creative, too, in my opinion. But whatever, I've said my piece. I was very surprised to find that this was now apparently considered legal but that's not the only change I've been stunned by. I guess allowing it might have been easier than fixing it? I just found it important to point out how this is and always has been considered an exploit and is not just some other tactic to use. Some people might find that important before using it, one can still hope.