Population Upkeep

  • I produce daily: 22,498 oil

    My forces consume : 2090

    but... my population

    Consumes: 20 328 oil

    How do I lower the upkeep of population?

    Is it normal to have higher upkeep the more provinces you get or how does it work?

    Is there a way of reducing population?

    At the moment I have just over 400 units.

    Many thanks for reading

    Looking forward to your answers ;)

  • 1. do not conquer provinces that do not produce oil

    2. every province has same upkeep

    3. let provinces to rebel or lose them in war

    4. 400 units is not enough to survive

    5. In general invest in double provs, especially with energy

    6. then invest into other provs

    7.adjust resources sliders

    you probably have very low morale in provs with oil and energy this is why they do not produce enough oil.

    this is what happened if you expand wide without an idea how to do it and when to do it. Do not worry if you survive long enough others around you should collapse economically.

  • im still trying to figure this out myself.

    Agrees with the basic principles as stated above

    1) Invest in energy. Focus on those double energy resources if you got em.

    2) Use your sliders. Gas and Coal are needed but are used for very specific things. you can use your sliders to increase consumption and minimize the stockpiling of those two unless you need them and let your Oil resources fill up.

    I would add a few other things to that

    3) Increase morale. Production is affected by Morale. Low moral = low output. It is easy to over look. Get your moral in those provinces to 100% or as high as you can.

    4) guard against spies. Bah! ive had games that my economy has gone from humming to shambles by enemies focusing on sending agents into my nation and mucking about with my morale and resources. Even causing revolts in newly conquered high resource territories that i had counted on.

    5) Be aware of the consumption of your units. High tier units use oil some use a lot of it. If your struggling with oil you may want to postpone building more units that consume or have a high oil upkeep until you have that issue straightend out.

    I've only been playing for a couple of months now and still feel like there is stuff here i dont quite understand fully, so perhaps you should take my advise with a grain of salt.

    oh... and to answer your question.... I dont think you can "lower the upkeep of population" unless you do lose territories,,,,which is kinda counter productive.