Patch Notes - November 27, 2019

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    Attention, Generals!

    Wednesday’s release sets out to greatly improve your game experience with a number of noteworthy changes to the AI, the timing of the day change event, and a whole new way to track your progress towards victory.

    Responding to feedback from the community and our own analysis, we adjusted the behaviour of AI players to be slightly less aggressive. To achieve this we adjusted the way the popularity with the AI is affected by certain actions (like surprise attacks and unit production). We also taught the AI that it is more beneficial to attack provinces on the front-line instead of trying to occupy provinces all over the place.

    Another rather big change that you should be aware of is that the time when the day change occurs now varies between game rounds. This was done for performance reasons and to allow players of different time zones to join games that suit their online times best. So what changed? Game rounds now start at 0 hours the moment they are created. When a game gets created at 10:00 AM CEST the first day change will happen at 10:00 CEST the next day. If the game round is full and another new game round gets created at 10:45 AM CEST its first day change will happen at - you guessed it - 10:45 CEST the next day. You can always check the World Herald newspaper of a game round for when the next day change will happen.

    Finally, we made some important changes to the way victory rewards work. For details check the complete list of changes below.

    Victory Progress and Reward Changes:

    • We completely reworked the 'game end timer' popup to display your current progress towards victory – both as a single player and as part of a coalition.
    • When a game is finished due to a timeout, the player or coalition closest to reaching victory on the map will win. Prior to this update only single players could win a round after a timeout.
    • Victory rewards are now based on each player’s or coalition’s relative progress towards their respective victory condition. This progress is reflected in a joint ranking table, accessible through the timer in the top right corner of the screen or from the new ranking indicator in the top bar.
    • Finally, the new reward structure allows for coalitions that rank 2nd, 3rd, or 4th on the joint ranking (depending on the map type) to receive Gold rewards matching their ranking position as well. In the past, only a winning coalition could receive a coalition victory reward.


    • The negative effect of unit production on a player's popularity with the AI has been drastically decreased.
    • When a player declares war on another player:

      • Only the aggressor receives a popularity penalty with the AI depending on the victim's popularity with the AI. (Before, the defending player also received that penalty in certain cases.)
      • We removed the popularity penalty for players who react to a war declaration by declaring war back.
      • When war is declared against a player he receives a solidarity bonus at the same height as the penalty received for declaring war by the opposing player
      • AI players preferably attack front-lines and undefended provinces. It may still use neutral provinces (roads) to attack a player’s core territory, though.
    • We fixed a but that allows the AI to give Right of Way to players on the Dominion Mesopotamia map.


    • Game rounds now start at hour 0 when they get created. This means that day changes in a game round always happen in 24h intervals from the moment the game is created.
    • The day change timer is now also visible in the mobile version (on the bottom right corner).
    • We have improved the positioning of unit sprites on the map: they are now displayed closer to their actual position and overlap each other less often.
    • Joining a new game round through our game suggestion popup now grants a small Gold reward.

    Bug fixes:

    • We fixed an issue that prevented players from buying small amounts of resources with Gold when they lacked some for building units and buildings.
    • We resolved an issue that prevented players from closing a pop-up after a payment was finalized.
    • We fixed an issue that sometimes led to players getting an error message after being redirected from the shop to the payment provider.
    • We resolved an issue that led to the coalition flag of the last selected army being shown for the subsequently selected army in some cases.

    We hope you like the update and wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team

  • I have held 4 conquered oil provinces for well over 3 days and the game still goes on. Why? 4 for 3 ends it and I'm the victor, according to the rules.

  • I accidentally posted this on the Supremacy 1 board:

    I have a question about this patch.

    I had a 100-player map end today and my coalition won. I received the GM for a coalition win but the medal for the individual win. I was the top player individually as well.

    So, I am curious how this works. Is it an absolute determination on whether or not it is individual versus coalition or based on percentages or just raw points? I was individually at 51% (505 points) while my coalition was at 45% (678 points).

    I don't mind sharing the victory here and I received the GM rewards for the coalition win, but I would like to know why it was decided that the absolute points were more valuable than the percentage to victory amount? Also, if I received the GM for the coalition win, why didn't I receive the coalition medal and instead received the individual win medal?


    Game: 3108872

  • As an update - I got the coalition medal today.

    I would still like to verify that the winning criteria is the absolute score rather than the nearest to victory score (raw number versus percentage). Is that correct in all circumstances and if so, why? A coalition score of 700, as an example, is not as close to victory as an individual score of 699 (47% versus 70%) so does the coalition always win? I think for me the confusion is that the wording states “relative progress” towards victory when that does not seem to be the case.

    Just curious more than anything at this point for future reference so I know how to calculate my province upgrades accordingly.