The Admin "+" button

  • I have become the Admin in our game and there are some unplayed countries I need to fill with players.

    On my Diplomacy page, I see a "+" symbol beside the person symbol, indicating that I can invite a new player. But how does this work?

    When I push the "+" nothing happens. I have tried in different browsers, with the same: no result when I push the "+".

  • As I understand this ADMIN role within a map.

    You can kick "all" In-actives at same time (no picking and choosing), then you can give map # and description including day of map, requesting other players in Global chat to assume control of these AI controlled countries, however is a cut off date which new players could join the ongoing map...

    So, basically you are kicking Inactive players for two reasons,...

    1) in hopes of recruiting Real Players to play

    2) to prevent in-actives from returning to map at some later time and declaring war from a country that had been AI for weeks...


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Also be aware that not ALL maps allow the Admin function. Yes, you may be the Admin but in the 100 and 500 player games if you try and use the function it tells you that it is disabled for that map. When you CAN use it, please use it properly.