Can't select my armies

  • I have terrible issues in 500 map. Trying to select some of my armies (especialy the one close to battle or enemy) shows me other armies of other players.

    Co-players with legacy mode don't seems to have that issue. I try to to report the bug but it gives me the message "Please specify a proper reason for your report"

  • Same here. But they are working on it.

    Got this answer from Boris (main administrator and super game operator)

    Thank you for your report

    This is a known issue and is currently being worked on by the developers.

    Circling around the unit (press the right mouse button and move the mouse pointer around the unit) should always select the correct unit (it doesn't..... my comment, not a part of the answer).

    We do understand your frustration. Bugs can be difficult to correct, but please know we are doing our best to make the game bug free.