RP 1701 *no landshuffle*no discord*good fun*

  • Well I do admit that currently they are under the impression that they're an independent Kingdom but they are on my to do list. As are the Goths who's decedents are living in Southern Spain.

    I'm young and this will be the 1700s ^^

    Visigoths lived in Spain and France, Ostrogoths died in Italy and Pannonia. There is a reason why they are separated as even when they lived in Russia and Ukraine ( before Huns) there were two nations.

  • I could try out Poland

    "After our victory in the Northern wars. We have decided we will not be a secondary power, but a major power. This is not a Swedish, or Russian, or Finnish but a Polish Century. Glory to Poland, Glory to Commonwealth"

  • Greetings to silly forum people like Narmer and even more silly admins like Joe the Habs. I would never participate in his RP, and I am here to try to persuade you from doing so as well.

    That being said, I would like to apply for Spain :D

    I would like to point out, however, that I may not be able to roleplay and post as much as I usually do. I miss roleplaying, but I have very little time, espcially during this month. The casual nature of the RP appealed to me, hence why I am applying. I will post my sample in a day or two, if it is not a problem.

    Also welcome back Joe, ye filthy scum! :D

  • Matt, its an honor. Pending you as Spain! I am sure we will all have some trouble being very active, but if we all go by the rules it should work out well.

    It seems we could have a go if we get 3 more players.

    Also, I have added a minor information regarding the map in the rules, about AI provinces. Go check it out guys.

    How would you guys feel about me posting random events (like giving casus belli or improving relations with some AI countries) to some factions here and there?

  • Okay I think I have one

    "Poland. The state that was founded by Mieszko I of Poland and is a empire that is bigger than France. Is sill surviving after the Austro-Ottoman war and The Great Northern war. But is a puppet to the three powers neighboring them which are the Warmongering Prussia, Messy family Austria, and the filthy expansionist Russia.

    Poland will become a empire that it desires even if it means killing our people. We, Poles will destroy all countries that get near us. The hate is within us forever and we shall bring it to the countries that try to kill us. We will conquer Europe or the world if we have to. A Slavic empire will be on us not in the Russian hands but us, only us.

    And shall we rebel on Augustus II as we don't want a German puppet king who supported the Russian Coalition in the Great Northern War, we want to have Stanislaus I who is a full Polish man and is a noble. He also Supported the Swedish in the Great Northern War and want Poland to be an Empire not a Puppet. Glory to Polska"

    Hope this is better.

  • Blockmon it is better, but I gotta say this is not very 18th century thinking. If you are ready to learn and give it a go, I will accept you. But again - you have to go by the rules. OK?

    Thus being said, we need two more players... UK and the Ottoman Sultanate! I believe we can still set the starting date of the game in two days time, November 23rd

  • Here is a teaser for you guys; every player will start with a "casus belli" against AI to claim one province, and maybe give you some staging points for the future!


    - Tsar Peter's dream acquisition of Tallinn


    - "Mare Nostrum" of Sweden acquisition of Riga


    - Hohenzollern legacy of Prussia acquisition of Königsberg


    - Polish trade ambitions acquisition of Danzig


    - French expanding influence in Italy acquisition of Genoa


    - Habsburgs lay claim on hereditary lands acquisition of Palermo


    - Burgundian legacy acquisition of Antwerp


    - The Stadtholder William is to rule the Dutch acquisition of Amsterdam


    - Cypriot christian rebellion needs to be quelled acquisiton of Nicosia

  • Not necessarily I believe. They just add a casus belli, meaning you won't have to work much in order to expand into that province. They also add a bit of fuel to your RP material and RP in general because some players may have conflicting plans.

    I guess it isn't mandatory to complete it, just a nice addition to RP should you choose to go along with it.

  • I presume it is based off Discord?

    I wonder if Egypt could be made available for application.

    If it could, I will get an application article sorted out- alike Matt, the casual nature of this roleplay appeals to me.

    Presuming that Egypt is made available for a player by yourself and the application article that I will knock up is accepted, I will be able to log on but not post till the 6th of December, due to ongoing circumstances. I should however be able to 'open' my nation with a starting article, presuming I am accepted, as well as the application post.

    Also...wow. This new forum is perplexing.

    Sigmar/ Sigmar1