accidentally friendly fire.

  • It would make sense that for


    If a is artillery shooting at Y

    Y is enemy

    X is friendly

    That the Artillery damages x also. It would be a nice gesture for a losing player because of Arty that he forces his opponent to halt Arty fire or risk friendly fire.

    However I find that since free players don't have use-of-fire orders it would be kind of awkward you would have to either move Arty back and forth or move it out of range 🤔

  • Friendly fire is not a thing in s1914 , if you have ally you have 'Share maps or RoW', the HC aggressive fire command will fire on neutrals, not on ally's... you are going to do well in this game if you are thinking in terms of friendly fire... something you can consider and which is easy to manipulate is 'Blast Damage, or Splash Damage" from range units... good luck, have fun

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