How can someone create a powerful alliance?

  • Hello guys

    let's open this thread to discuss how can someone create a very powerful alliance from scratch. And how can him market for it and get players. Also how can the member of the alliance have a good communication and still be connected to each other.

  • Alliance is formed by any given player creating his/her own alliance, and once formed members are usually selected from players which they meet while playing maps. Officer roles are designated to chosen/trusted members of the alliance... From the Alliance tab other players/alliances can be challenged to alliance battles by officers or leader of said alliance they are in...

    Discord is the common way in which members of a given alliance stay in communication with members of their clan, experienced veteran players usually train the new members and teach them skill they have learned in maps they have played... discord also allows for members to take screen shots and post in secure place when planning their maps...


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  • Greetings AhmedMahmoud01,

    Hastings TNT is bang on the money, My Alliance Gents Club [GNTS] was founded back on 21st March this year, and we have gone from three players on day one, to now capping thirty. I know thats not a particularly a large Alliance and there are some huge ones out there, but what I can say is we are all active, all running multiple games at once, some with Alliance members and some not. I generally play four games, three are with Alliance members and then one on my own, this one is generally used to recruit new members. Most new recruits to the Alliance come from messaging in game, theses new recruits may be in that server coalition and have decided to join the Alliance or even in alot of cases were actually our enemy in a game then join, after the match.

    Starting a recruitment thread on this forum also brings in recruits, new and old vets alike. I think though being active is key, willing to help players in game and then showing them what your Alliance is all about.

    Discord as Hastings TNT has already mentioned is the glue that keeps the Alliance together, because its where you just chat and hangout, play other games even, but also thats where we communicate as a group share ideas, battle plans for upcoming offensives, for example our Alliance we setup chat rooms that we call "War Rooms", these war rooms are for those in a particular match, its a locked room and its where we post screen grabs of the currnet match and decide on a joint offensive for that game.

    As our Allianace is growing I have noticed S1914 Veterens are now wanting to join, this is huge for us, because they are then passing on their knowledge on to the new members which helps make our Alliance even stronger.

    But to sum up as I tend to ramble on, being active in game, on the forum and Discord is key, I never thought Gents Club would grow as fast as has, but it does take effort. We know have players from most time zones, which means our Alliance pretty much never sleeps, which keeps the Alliance feeling that its alive, current and ultimately helps reduce players from leaving, as no one wants to be part of a Alliance thats not active.

    Hope this helps, stay safe o7



    Leader of Gents Club [GNTS]