avoid airplane damage

  • So a common tactic is to split off 99% of your army to avoid range damage, as the attacker will be targeting the 1% original unit

    Now this is bad on its own,
    I ran into a player that can make my planes have "no target" so i cant even do any structure damage.=O

    A fix for this would be that if a stack is split, the planes or arty target the bigger unit
    anotherway around this is so that the bigger stack is the original unit, which makes sense on a realistic level also.:/

    I really want a fix for this because its such an annoying hack,||||

    I wait an entire hour to do some vital damage and in the last second "TARGETING: NOTHING" deals no damage, and flies home.<X

  • that suggestion would still not work. That is why there is the 4min time to retarget. If I follow your suggestion I'd just

    103 units

    52units (targetted) 51 units

    26units (targetted) | 26 units | 51 units

    13 units (targetted) | 13units |26 units | 51 units

    (etc I think you see the point by now) Even if the largest stack kept the target you'd still be able to make that one.

    Also SomtimesI don't want the game to decide to just randomly change targets?

    103 inf 20 arty

    split the 20 arty off. Hey I rather had that arty destroyed then that infantry... If it's not done manually there will always been tons of occasions where the pc picks the wrong target. Maybe that 4 minutes could use some more leeway but I remain with the opinion that it has to remain manual.

  • but it would make it harder for the hacker to hack, making it a less rewarding experience.

    Atm, its just the click of a button to avoid massive damage, a game breaker imo

    and to the 4 minute to change target? it doesnt work because the hacker pulls his strings in the last second, due to it being so easy, when he sees the planes are close, or the arty is about to shoot.


    Edit: what usually works for me is pinning the hackers army in combat.

  • It's not really hacking as it is considereda feature. Splash damage should allow you to hit the main stack if he did it the very last second. Which is also what works when he's in melee combat then all his splitof armies are closeto one another and receive splash damage.

    And "Harder" not really split split split split and you still have the same outcome so your solution would just as stated make the PC take decisions for mewhich might not even be what I want... While it does not fix the real issue.

  • It already works like this.

    The range of damage is 5km iirc and any units inside this damage radius are effectively treated as one stack. That's why sometimes you're trying to target 2 artillery by themselves but your 8 guns fire and all the kills come off the huge stack of infantry standing near the arty.