Bytro Polices/Procedures "German Law"

  • Arcorian  Akiar  Alkyonor

    I would like to suggest to Bytro to take a closer look at the "German Law" which governs this gaming platform, and to honestly investigate how they might modify some of their policies to better serve the community in relation to transparency and expectations players have.

    Clear and straight boundaries on what is considered as cheating and how the punishments are dealt out to those players which habitually cheat the game and thereby ruin the experience and fun for the rest of us.

    Bytro should invest resources to fix the MAD system dis-allowing and catching multi accounts so that players would gain some confidence in the game again, knowing it is not being seeded with cheaters. (Multi accounts)

    As a player the generic predefined responses received from Bytro team when filing a report is not satisfactory. Moreover the response does not in any way tie to or indicate what the report was about...

    This is an obtuse policy application and has nothing to do with the deouncing fascism or nazi glorification . Bytro could easily have better transparency without violating such German restrictions.

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • I actually took the liberties months ago to review this law out of simple curiosity.
    As I am not a lawyer, nor am I a German statesman, it is not up to me to apply these statutes, and would suspect that it is not yours either to try and do so.
    From what I can discern from it though, is that it is in reference to games that have their premise in WWII, where the symbolism used was allowed for accurate representation of the opposing sides.
    As this game is a WWI game, no such representation applies and is therefore negated under your assumption.
    But then again, I'm no lawyer.....
    I will wait for those with far more experience in this matter to review this post should they deem it necessary.

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  • German law is irregardless in this situation because Bytro is a German company and as such they will err on the side of caution per instructions from their legal department. Their lawyers will tell them in no uncertain terms to do nothing to rock the boat unless they want a long drawn-out legal battle with little chance of winning. Remember, lawyers are NOT in the business of making deals, they're in the business of primarily breaking them and then ONLY the ones that they feel they can win.

    Why take Germany to court if there's nothing in it for them other than to let a few people try to spout off and "exercise" their particular idea of "free speech".

  • My reference to German law is that it is misused as an excuse or barrier to limit what info can be shared with players when they file a report against a cheater... allowing us to know what the response of > "thank you for your report" or "are you still having this issue" is tied to does not infringe on anyone's privacy.

    Anyhow it has been brought in private and now in public to these guys calling the shots, I am sure they will get to it and will be place on the same FIX list most other ignored things get placed on :)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!