Petition to keep S1914 as a priority in BYTRO OFFICE

  • Hello.

    I've been playing this game since February and thoroughly enjoying it. I also tried Supremacy 1 & Call of War, and prefer S1914 for the following reasons:

    - what you design is what you use

    - it's kept simple while still requiring effort to succeed

    While I know there's a big fanbase for the other two games, I prefer the S1914 gameplay compared to those as they require too much technology development which I've found impairs time spent preparing for wars (etc). You may have alternating opinions, but this is just my opinion and I know I'm not alone at least when it comes to the opinion of S1914 is the preferred of the 3.

    I've heard whispers that now that Supremacy 1 is live, 1914 will start to lose advertising & development priority. May I please ask that some programmers within bytro remain dedicated to this one?

    If those whispers are not true, I apologise for misunderstanding some of the top ranked S1914 players.

    If they are, and you are reading this and agree, please sign the post here so we can continue enjoying an enhancing game over here :)

    Thanks for reading

    FastFrosty :/b78//+

    Leader of Supernova (SUPV) alliance.

  • I can only cheer for this!! And I hope they will see it too, unfortunately I'm affraid they won't, they prefer everything to be as cow, they think that it is the same community but they are so wrong at that!!!!

    SUPREMACY 1914 RULES!!!!!!!!!!