Mobile Version Login

  • Guys, seriously, when you install the game on android and start it you see a big "Play" button, but the login with existing account is not very intuitive. I'm currently stuck on user#random numbers and cannot find where to logout from that "guest-type" account and login to my own.

  • You'll need to close the app, then go into your device's storage settings and remove all info associated with the app (this can also be done by completely removing the app).

    Afterwards, reopen (reinstall if need be) and it should take you back to that log in screen.

    I hope this helps resolve your issue. If not, get in touch with me and we'll get it addressed.

  • I figured this much, already managed to do it, i just wanted to give some feedback how the system looks kind of flawed.
    Maybe we should get big LOG IN button and a smaller one to play as a guest user.