Factories should have a repair feature for tanks, railguns, boats, etc

  • I think that factories should have a scaled repairing feature for machinery that we produce; rather than moral being the only mechanism. So, if you have a tank nearly dead and you park it in a province with a factory it should repair faster than if it was elsewhere. Same goes for boats except a harbor is required as well. If you park your boat at the harbor point (where a boat would spawn when produced) and there is a factory in the province it should be repaired faster than out to sea. same for artillery, railguns, cars, heavy tanks, etc..

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Factories should have a repair feature for tanks, railguns, boats” to “Factories should have a repair feature for tanks, railguns, boats, etc”.
  • I think the most reasonable implementation of "factory repair" of units would be to actually remove that unit from play for the amount of time it would take to rebuild that percentage of condition for that unit. For instance, if my factory can build a ship in 4 days, so 25% of a ship in one day, then my existing ship at 75% condition should take one full day to repair, as long as I'm not building anything else with that factory. If I have a factory and 50% of a tank, I should be able to build that tank up to 100% in half the time, instead of having to build a whole new tank from scratch. I believe that ends up still being a faster rate of repair than the normal repairs in the field. Also, I could have the option to only repair a certain percentage of the unit, much like building 25% of an aerodrome, canceling the construction, and being able to use it as an active runway.

    With all that said, I'd also like the option to stop construction of a new unit, say at 50% or 75%, and to just be able to use it at that condition level, rather than waiting the full construction time. Could lead to some interesting defensive actions in extremis.

  • This suggestion is similar to past ideas. It be nice to have a feature to increase the % of repair however one must remember the replacement of crew members and repairs. don't look at 1 tank and think its all by itself but 1 tank= more than 1 unit, like infantry are made up of more than 1 soldier.

    Also one must consider lvl of factory which should make a difference can't repair a light tank with a lvl1 factory but a lvl 2 would take longer than a lvl3.

    But the easy way that the devs avoid the manual repair is that all mech units auto repair regardless of prov morale and land ownership. So if damage you can repair in enemy lands compare to infantry where their morale will drop.

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  • Should TWTS suggestions be taken seriously ? Bytro would need to send DEV's on mission to create an EASY button for all things S1914 , once you log in to play a map it should run on 'auto-pilot' and everything should be EASY

    To clarify what Edwylm is taking long road to get to > when you have one inf unit or one Tank which is for viewing or visual optics, ONE unit actually Equal 1000 such units, so low condition of a unit you are talking about repairing 1000 mechanical units

    Logical line of thought would be if one factory can build 1000 tanks in 2.5 days then that same factory should be able to repair 1000 tanks in a shorter amount of time than 2.5 days


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