Question: Why is my units morale dropping followed by disappearing when no combat is happening?

  • I have this phenomenon happening and I don't know what's going on. It's so strange that I thought my units were being GMed to 0 morale and disappearing...

    Okay two examples but the same thing seems to be occurring:

    1) I had two units (only troops, no mech) one 10 strong and the other 4 strong. They were marching along on separate paths to attack a province with a unit 4 strong in it. No bombardment occurred and there are no planes/naval units around. The 10 strong unit dropped to 7 and has significantly decreased moral, and the 4 strong unit disappeared... all before any combat occurred. (this same thing happened in the ocean as well, while attacking the same player several days prior)

    2) I had a unit about 6 strong stationed on the shore (just prior to embarking) so i can stand against an army trying to disembark there. Well, without any combat occurring and confirmed no planes or naval units bombarding (checked the enemies killed on unit description) 5 of these 6 units disappeared and the remaining unit has about 30% morale. They started at 100%

    Any help or insight to what is happen/what i am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!

  • Infantry morale can't actually hit zero, it floors at 10%. Or was it 5%?

    Anyway, I can't put together a logical explanation from what you're describing there. What I can say is that the only things that cause infantry to disappear are bombardments or combat or their owner losing track of them on a cluttered map. Really it must be either of those things.

  • I have noticed that units will temporarily vanish when orders are given to them, then these units re-appear a few seconds later, but this does not seem to be same issue 'twts' has described?

    I don't think so, I think it reads like his dudes are gone for good, especially considering this part:

    5 of these 6 units disappeared and the remaining unit has about 30% morale. They started at 100%

    To me that sounds like a unit that got shelled pretty good.

  • I suspect that it's like Lost has suggested, probably bombardment from a railgun hidden in a high level fort. Check around the forts and hover your pointer over the ?. If it's an attacking railgun you will see a message. You will NOT see the cannonballs flying like you can when they're visible.