Improvement List: Collection

  • These are the points that might be improved in the beta, collected by me in Blitzkrieg Rebellion and the collective Dutch server, for all developers to read:

    • Roads are too thin and scale down too much when one zooms out (visibility).

    • Too much whitespace in the new chat box, lines can be way closer together.

    • Achievements page with medals and ribbons is very chaotic and unclear. Why are silver and bronze displayed if there's a golden badge?

    • Flags are round now, this is aestethically horrible. Can we get 64 x 40px back?

    • Transparency in PNG images doesn't work on forum or as profile pic or as leader portrait or as flag.

    • When offering a diplomatic relation through trade only the icon is visible, not what relation you're offering (name).

    • White borders as country borders isn't very clear.

    • The resource icons and resource bar is way too small and has too much whitespace.

    • Resource icons in provinces don't scale up when zooming out.

    • The path of infantry isn't contrasting enough, it's not always clear where the soldiers are heading, definitely if it's multiple groups.

    • The Daily European keeps auto-scrolling up.

    • Player messages in diplomacy keep auto-scrolling up.

    • Pictures in the paper are sometimes randomized and replaced with other (temp folder) pictures (ditto for flags).

    • Advertisements block the chat for F2P.

    • Artillery always displays a red arc as if they're bombing something, in a random direction.

    • Plane selection is more difficult as they have to be found in the air now and can't be selected at their corresponding aerodome like before. Because of tilted view it's also unclear what planes are going where and who's they are.

    • Multiple units stacked only display the icon of the strongest unit with a number next to it, displaying all units like in Legacy mode would be better for overview.

    • The place of units isn't always clear, sometimes they're on the spot, sometimes a line shows their position, it's unclear. If they're in a province or on a province border, it'll look exactly the same sometimes.

    • Infantry sprites are way too big in comparison with the rest.

    • Players get completely white maps.

    • Players get completely black maps.

    • Homepage: registration form is on top of the login form.

    • Countdown til next day is now in the DE instead of bottom left, many want it back bottom left if possible.

    • Country colors are too bland and gray.

    • Pin mode doesn't work.

    • Alliance pages don't show individual player scores next to the name anymore like they used to.

    • In province list we see half of the number of provinces we used to see, also due to too much whitespace.

    • Walking or moving over sea makes the walking lines not very visible.

    • Coalition accept button isn't there for some, there's nothing clickable.

    Thank you in advance.

    Side note: Can the mods please strike through all points that got improved and have become irrelevant in this list?
    Thank you.

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  • Thank you for that comprehensive list! What we fixed / are about to fix:

    - Roads are too thin and scale down too much when one zooms out (visibility). => DONE

    • Too much whitespace in the new chat bow, lines can be way closer together. => DONE

    • Transparency in PNG images doesn't work as profile pic. => DONE

    • The path of infantry isn't contrasting enough => DONE

    • Advertisements block the chat for F2P. => DONE

    • The place of units isn't always clear, => DID STH, BUT WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE

    • Players get completely white maps. => SHOULD BE FIXED

    • Players get completely black maps. => SHOULD BE FIXED

    • Countdown til next day is now in the DE instead of bottom left => DONE

    • Country colors are too bland and gray. => DONE

    • Pin mode doesn't work. => DONE

  • Thank you for the fixes so far - pin mode now make sit easier to distinguish between armies (although smaller icons would be nicer)

    I like the new toggle country relations as this has made it much easier to see your enemies, there was not enough red before to easily spot an enemy army heading your way. Although it looks like enemy armies also are much redder than before - thanks for that too!

    I agree about the round flags, they are just wrong and not in the slightest bit realistic.

    Also agree the resource icons need improvements - it is not easy to see what each city will provide.

    The province administration I can imagine will be frustrating the more provinces you have - I agree it is better to see more cities in that list over bigger images spaced out.

    I only have a couple of early stage maps on the go at the moment so not able to test out some of the later game issues, hopefully by the time I get there they will all be fixed :D

  • I am going to make this as clean and simple as possible with a release that has been.. lacking

    Here is a list of first impressions and what REALLY NEEDS to be CHANGED

    1. When you have a huge empire you do not always have the time to click every unit stack to see what KIND of units are inside. Arty are not a tank and should not be shown as a tank.

    2. I literally can not see where my units exactly are. I have tried even in Pin form and it is still nearly impossible to see where my units Actually are. Please give us the ability to see where our troops are again in a more similar way.. like legacy mode.

    3. When I finally found my units I wanted to move then. Moving them was easy. However seeing the line showing the pathing was nearly impossible. I had to change my entire map mode to diplomatic relations map mode to even see the lines.

    4. Please put back all the types of resources back on the map. Sometimes I am not looking for wood or iron and most of the provinces are not showing anything besides wood and iron? Why are any of the provinces showing no resources at all. I know you guys LOVE CALL OF WAR but there is a reason some of us did not want to play call of war.. please remember that. I watched my baby thirty kingdoms die already T_T

    Now to the bright side of things.

    1. The website is 100x better then before. I like the flow between games and the fact that I AS A CHAT LURKER. Can watch the chat even while not in a game at all. As a Ex GO I am sure all the moderators got a HUGE smile on their faces right now.

    2. The new forum is better then the last forum. <--- The Plus Side

    You have to register on to a new hosting service to use it <--- The Down Side

    3. I love the new diplomatic map mode. It will be very useful especially with the in game alliances in effect.

    4. I actually love the new way the map looks. Outside of the issues listed above. I love when you are at war there is barb wire and things... makes the game feel more real.. so if that was the goal good job.

    Now I know half the game population wants me to say this:


    However I am not against change.

    The change just CAN NOT uproot the die hard population of this game.

    I hope the developers read this.

    I really feel if these things are changed this new version will be beyond better then the first.

    With the launch of mobile supremacy will in a new age.

    I have hope even with literally not being able to stand to load the new version to actually play the game in its current state.

    Legacy for me for the moment.

    I look forward to these changes being made.