Restriction for joining speedgames at the end

  • As I know that there is already a restriction on joining normal speed games between 7 and 14 days, I think it would be good that Bytro adjusts this to their speed games too as I've seen in a speed game that someone just joins on day 52 and randomly declaring war on quite some countries.

    So please make sure that you adapt this to the speedgames please as it is just ridiculous that you can join a map on day 52. this was brought in to prevent these kind of things but clearly haven't thought it completely through.

  • This is true with the 500 event maps 4x speed they are still joining on day 14 of map, many things with 4x,6x, 10x maps are skewed and not clearly defined nor calibrated to multiplier of the speed rounds to match normal game mechanics e.g. cool down period when kicked or leaving a coalition, also Victory Points are tallied at end of day prior not day timer ends

    (6 hours difference)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!