Barracks in double provinces

  • Dears,

    I built barracks in double resource provinces to produce troops faster, and after few days I recognized that the speed is the same as single resource provinces. The morales is same so it's not the problem of morale. I checked with other players, and they haven't seen such a problem. Does anyone have a clue on this? you can see that in a picture, morale is 100, but instead of 8 hours, it's 16 hours.

  • Hey Colonel94,

    You mentioned you built barracks in a double resource providence. Thats great! However, the picture you included is that of a Recruiting office. To increase your production speed of troops, you need to build a barracks. Level 1 or 2 decreases the recruitment time, thus increasing troop "production".

    Check to see that barracks are in fact produced, not Recruiting Office. You cant upgrade recruiting office, you can only produce Barracks which aid in decreasing recruiting time.

    Very Respectfully,

    Doc Ski

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  • As I recall standard infantry recruitment time is 36 hours when you have only a recruiting office with High morale and all resources meet. Could be a morale issue or resource issue is my first thought.

    Single resource province, Recruiting office + lvl 1 barracks = 24 hours, recruiting office +lvl2 barracks =18 hours for infantry

    Double resource province, standard recruiting time is 18hours + lvl 1 barracks = 12 hours + lvl 2 barracks 8 hours for infantry

    If you are not seeing these results you should file a report with screen shots showing next recruitment time in your screen shot, let a Game Operator (GO) resolve issue.


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