Standard Build Schedule/Plan for Beginners

  • Standard Build Schedule
    Standard can be adapted depending on allies and resources (Island countries build more LC’s / fewer arty)
    1st thing go to Resources and set OIL use to Zero, you want to stockpile Oil for factories on day 8,

    if you do not have OIL you will want to expand and take oil provinces

    Early in map, Do Not waste resources on Tanks, Bombers or Rail Guns

    Day 1> Recruiting Offices in all provinces, Dbl Resource provinces **ONLY**> workshops (lvl 1 &2) + Barracks lvl 1
     Start armored cars ‘AC’s”
     Build forts on border provinces of enemy threats

    Day 2 > Dbl resource provinces Build calvary Units
     Build Harbor in province you (team/coaliton) need the 25% bonus on resources
     Any lvl 2 forts needed

    Days 3 + continue building calvary units while grain allows, when grain is depleted disable barracks

    Day 5 > start any rail roads

    Day 8 > Lvl 1 factories
    Day 10 > lvl 2 factories, arty units and airfields
    Day 12 > lvl 3 factories, arty and fighters

    Day 14 > lvl 4 factories, arty and fighters

    Edited once, last by Hastings TNT: When fighting keep a reserve force back, sending all units to battle front makes you vulnerable if opponent breaks thru your front line.... ().

  • Reason you build Barracks + cav units on Double resource provinces is because these Double resource provinces produce 2x the inf units that a Single resource province produces, adding the barracks in the Double resource province reduces the inf recruitment time again by 50%

    So considering grain upkeep cost for a lvl one barracks is 1000 units grain per day regardless of barracks being in single or double resource long run you are getting about 4 inf + cav unit in double resource province compared to 1 inf + cav unit in a single province....

    My math might be skewed due to percentages of whole numbers but gist is to take full advantage of the barracks /up keep cost you are building to reduce time on inf recruitment and also to build cav units...