Beginners Build Guide

  • Standard Build Schedule

    Standard can be adapted depending on allies and resources (Island countries build more LC’s / fewer arty)

    1st thing go to Resources and set OIL use to Zero, you want to stockpile Oil for factories on day 8,

    if you do not have OIL you will want to expand and take oil provinces

    Early in map, Do Not waste resources on Tanks, Bombers or Rail Guns

    Day 1> Recruiting Offices in all provinces, Dbl Resource provinces **ONLY**> workshops (lvl 1 &2) + Barracks lvl 1

     Start armored cars ‘AC’s”

     Build forts on border provinces of enemy threats

    Day 2 > Dbl resource provinces Build calvary Units

     Build Harbor in province you (team/coaliton) need the 25% bonus on resources

     Any lvl 2 forts needed

    Days 3 + continue building calvary units while grain allows, when grain is depleted disable barracks

    Day 5 > start any rail roads

    Day 8 > Lvl 1 factories

    Day 10 > lvl 2 factories, arty units and airfields

    Day 12 > lvl 3 factories, arty and fighters

    Day 14 > lvl 4 factories, arty and fighters

    Additional concepts with Resources and MID game Expansion

    All provinces have 4 million populations and have daily upkeep cost of 800/800/800 food/materials/energy to sustain upkeep cost read the following...

    **Self sustaining Province Morale %** > Double provinces at 20% / Single provinces 68% (with no corruption and no upgrades )…66789081841674/output.png

    TIP> focus resources toward developing infrastructure of dbl resource provinces and then of energy provinces and last of single resource provinces , the resources you are lacking in.


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • Only after reading this manual, I realized how deeply I was mistaken for so many days playing like a blind man and without methodology, without philosophy. Thank you very much, briefly and informatively!