Am I missing something? Troops idle while getting attacked?

  • I am not sure if this is a bug or I am just missing something. I have been playing almost two months now. My first game, my coalition won and carried 2/3 of the points. I say this so you realize this is not my first day of play.

    I noticed this happen twice to me on two different games. the first time I was friends with an AI. I set my troops up on his providences. I made sure I out numbered him. On one province with no fort. I had 38 he had 20. I started attacking him with artillery against another province with a fort. I had to step away and when I came back all my troops were gone. the 38 troop force had like 5 left and when i clicked onto the AI troops I noticed he only had less than 6 die. I clicked on to my troops originally having 38 men, and the action said they were idle. But they were under attack by the AI. I have seen this happen on my other games on several occasions.

    What am I missing here? My troops should automatically defend them selves when they get attacked, Right? I understand Artillery units you can hold fire but these were simple troops. These troops can be in a fort or in open space. Why is this happening?

    oh by the why I play mostly on mobile.


  • Check the Newspaper! you get detailed reports of what happened with hours and stuff.

    Thing is though that when you attack an AI they instantly send troops from other provinces to defend the one you are attacking. When you were away that is most likely what happened. I think your troops defeated the original AI stack that was there which is why their losses where not displayed correctly.

    As for being idle, your infantry has both attack and defense stats. When someone attacks your infantry/stack and they are idle they will only use defensive damage. You can instruct them to attack and you should see the cooldown of their attack.

    This is how its supposed to work btw. For example: if you have a stack of troops with Armoured Cars in them you want to keep them idle and not attack the enemy. While idle your Armoured Cars will only use defensive stats, which is 2x more than their attack. If you instruct them to attack however, you will see that your Armoured Cars will get destroyed faster and deal less damage.