unresponsive serveers

  • hello

    i mostly play 500 maps and they lag a lot

    but lately it is not possible to play as server refuse to acknowledge orders and despite rologging and changing orders twice my army still kamikazed into forts

    and as I say - i relogged and stopped them twice

    can we please buy/hire better servers as current ones are not up to the task

    issue is reported from years, i myself report server issues on 500 since 2017 .

    can we please do something about that ASAP without waiting next years?

  • We've already made adjustments that positively impact map performance (it's not a server issue) with the last updates and will continue to do so. It's not going to magically double late game 500p maps performance but there is an impact.

  • so if this is not a server issue I guess it is issue with devices on which we play

    is it possible to place all calculations on the server side so devices are not impacted?

    i heard couple of times that people complained because their mobile or laptop crashed/burnt during fights on 500 map

    seemed like they were not a happy clients from what they wrote in a newspaper

  • Pretty much everything that's able to be serverside already is. The problem in 500p maps is that, expecially late game, there are simply so many units present, that performance drops in some cases. Having low-end devices doesn't help but like stated above, we're already working on improvements and can see that the first few we released had an impact already.

    We're hoping to be able to continue the trend.