AI Relationship

  • Two patches ago, AI's started attacking players based what seems to be on relationship status. New feature that didn't exist before. Now EVERY AI attacks you at some point in the game and declares war against you. Major Issues:

    1) Major game change and nothing in patch notes. Something like this should be announced as a major news announcement, and included in patch notes. I can find nothing about it.

    2) Way too frequent. It's hard enough to get AI's to like you but Every AI you share a border with will attack you no matter what you set your relationship to. And if there are ways to improve your relationship with a bordering AI please point me to where in the rules, etc. it says how to do this.

    3) please undo this change or drastically reduce the frequency of it happening.

    I was just in a 100 event map and an ally and I were doing quite well and shared a vase border. he went AFK and within a few days a county I had Share Map with is now attacking me. Crazy. And if this is how you intend the game to go please state it!

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  • i had the same issue but that happens to me on 500 map.

    Guy with who i worked 70 days went AI and two houes later this AI declare war on me and i almost lost game because of that. I had a luck and guy was AI just about 15h but still he capture like 30 cities :D as i didnt have much units in our border

  • This feature has been there ever since the AI all be came Elite AI quiet a while ago.

    Even has been set less agressive already (a bit back)

    Problem is.. most players do anything to make AI hostile (like haveing lots of wars at the same time, not declearing war and attack etc)