Damage efficiency and stacking.

  • Hi, I'm a new player from CoW, and I'm a bit confused on how damage efficiency works and stacking. I joined a 500 match and was just splitting my army to see at what point damage efficiency stopped being reduced. Which was at 5 unit stacks. Is this always the max size stack for the best damage efficiency or does it work differently in different scenarios and are there any more less known ways stacking works (i.e. in CoW, if you have 10 destroyers and 10 battleships in one stack (damage efficiency stops at 10 stack units), if you run into submarines, for the battle it'll use the stats of the 10 destroyers, but if you are in battle with regular ships, it'll use the stats of the 10 battleships). I tried searching up this information, but the few websites I looked at where very vague with the best ways to stack armies. Just that generally stacking armies made damage efficiency go down. Thanks for the help.

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  • This might help (kinda outdated a bit, but is still relevant):



    Generally, the safest play when you're splitting melee units/flower tactic, you wanna make sure that your total strength is 3-4x greater than your opponents.

    For example:

    If you are attacking 10 enemy inf units, you wanna hit it with 30 inf units. If you do this, your groupings/flower tactic will be more efficient/effecitive and in less danger of crumbling/dying faster. Also, you want a group of 3-5s+and not 1-2s anymore. From my observation, 1-2s die quicker compared to 3-5s+.