Question regarding Forts

  • Hello. I used to be a player form quite a while ago and recently began again and I was wondering if Forts have been nerfed since around 2012.

    I had a situation where my army of 50k infantry was defending from a force of 80k infantry (no flowering) within a level 5 fort, and the entire fort was destroyed to level 0 and my army destroyed in just 6 battle ticks. I'm sure I recall that a level 5 fort would last longer than that against plain infantry - surely it defeats the point of artillery otherwise. Is this working as intended?

  • Yperman

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  • Forts arent nerfed and have the following damage absorption until they break:

    Level 1 67%
    Level 2 80%
    Level 3 86%
    Level 4 89%
    Level 5 91%

    You might've had the luck factor against you, or they flowered on the fort.

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  • there certainly wasn't any flowering as i saw the thing unfold. we had 10 hp of fort down to 0 hp in just 6 ticks with one attacking army of 80 units against one defending army of 50 units. is the rng that wild a level 5 fort can melt on day 7 with infantry only? i don't remember that at all.

  • Not sure if I am remembering right or making it up, but I also seem to remember forts having scaling hp per level, lv 1 has 1 hp, lv 2 gets 3hp resulting at lv 5 with 15 hp instead of the 2hp per level we have today. Can't remember if damage absorption was changed then.