Pay to avoid Pay to Win and fixed pre-map teams

  • Hi All,

    I have been playing your awesome game for the last month or so. I would like to propose to you a different 'mod'.

    1- Allow players to buy a 'subscription' to servers in which we play just with a 'small, fixed and daily' amount of Goldmarks. To those who really love the strategy, it's a pain the pay to win. I understand that you do the game to win money, that's why I believe that it could be great to have another flavor of subscription.

    2- Allow players to create fixed pre-map teams, which implies that the members are going to be there during the entire match. If someone quits, the provinces get distributed between the team members. Why? Because this game is too time-consuming. And would be great to be able to play as part of a greater thing (team), but it's impossible to just trust in the players out there when you have invested a lot of time playing the map already. Time is money, ours too.
    Even it could be a

    I hope you like it, and feedback (devs/community) will be great. Thank you!


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  • Not a bad idea on the face of it.... however...

    The problem I see with this is they would have to pay the code team to produce the content for a subscription-base of unknown size and which could need custom updates. The start price of the subscription could well be too-low to cover costs if there are too few users or if too-high will not attract enough users. Then consider how to make it different enough to be attractive, but not detract from or become confused with the existing subscription service. And even if all that is figured out... be willing to deal with yet another level of whining and complaining from that portion of the population which is never happy.

  • 1 - No. Bottomline, Bytro is a business, they need to make money to survive and sustain. Any goldmark use is good for them. It can be controlled and limited, but will not be. As they say, you can't change the opinion of someone whose salary depends on holding such opinion.

    2. - No. It goes against normal logic. If someone is quitting, you can ask them to vacate all provinces, turn off recruitment centres and allow you to annex their provinces as you see fit.