S1914 doesn’t need units research

  • Supremacy1914 has been getting closer to the other Bytro games more and more with each update. Mabye because its easier for the devs to administer and upkeep all if they have the same code and are more similar? Idk…

    For some time now, I’ve been hearing that the devs want more diversity on the game. Mabye more units, more buildings, more possibilities to fight.

    What I’ve also heard is that the units research could be added sooner or later too.

    I dont think units research would be the best course to take for S1914 as a game or for the players in the foreseeable future. I want to express this before it becomes a thing, before it gets decided. I would say it will ruin the game as we know it.

    Supremacy1914 is a simple strategy game and upgrading factories to build more advanced units is absolutely the thing that makes me play S1914 over the other games.

    The simple idea of just having to think about strategy and not about the people who will “speed it up” and get the best and more diverse units while you are still struggling with time to get the first ones. I dont want S1914 to be too complicated. I don’t want S1914 to be beautiful. I simply want to enjoy it.

    If you are hell-bent on adding it, please, just keep it simple. Make only 3 levels of research instead of making 10 levels or more like in the other games.

    I am sure a lot of players, especially the veterans will concord with this post. In the end, devs will do what they think is wiser but I’m here, expressing my concerns and opinion as a player and as a part of the community.

    King Regards, Bloody Juli.


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  • Hear, hear!

    I play S1914 because I'm not interested in the research-based games. Research is a non-starter for me, and if it enters S1914, it'll be a game-ender.

    I'm here for the complication of logistics and combat, not the vagaries of picking the wrong research thread and being unable to compete with a better research strategy. Leave research in the other games.