Is New World Empires Dead?

  • Hello, I am an avid S1914 player, but a year or two ago I would also play NWE because I had extra time due to the pandemic. But when I had to go back to work I only had time for one game, so I stopped NWE and only played S1914. Today, I had some extra time so I tried to go to the NWE website to see if anything changed. However it redirected me to the S1914 homepage. Tried like 5 times, even tried their forum (which redirected here). So here is the question: Is NWE dead/deleted?

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  • Yes NWE was thrown away into the scrap yard, Bytro had a New CS who came in and apparently decided NWE was no longer profitable or somthing, They changed the name of Supremacy one to Tesla wars, then again changed name to Iron Order 1919, this is how they chose to use their budget as they cut out NWE


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