Is arabia really the best country?

  • I picked arabia for one of my games recently, and I think the oil is great. But I feel one of the biggest weaknesses of arabia is syria is so strong, I invaded syria first but I lost over 44k troops to their 33k, could it be because i used forced march? now I don't have nearly enough troops to invade egypt

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  • Quangk, Arabia plays out well for the long game, but is troublesome in the early stages due to both position and limited resources for construction.
    Syria looks to be a fine target, and if you can not gain Right of Way with them, it is your best option for growth. Ottoman Empire however offers all that Arabia lacks to become a powerhouse. Egypt is tempting, but once you take the isthmus area, you are stuck in a war until you have naval support to invade the mainland..... UNLESS you go through that little tiny country in the south of Egypt that is French West Africa...... Just a thought.
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  • You must prepare any invasion. Not just invade.

    Yes, Syria is a strong IA with 40 troops at start. Generally, the best course of action is to share that territory with the Ottoman Empire.

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  • alright, so update, I have since build up my troops through barracks, team up with east libya to take down egypt and now are going for ottoman empire for their wood and iron, after the fact, I should be ready to win. the oil is really helping me, since it's useful for so many things, and I can sell it if I need money to buy other resources, so it's a huge win win

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