Undiscovered Rail guns are silent but deadly

  • When my RR gun fires I can see the artillery shell animation. When an undiscovered enemy RR gun fires there's no animation. Is there any way to tell that your units are being fired on by an undiscovered RR gun other than monitoring your units for losses?

    This rule also appears to apply to a RR gun you know is there (because previously discovered) but is now undiscovered.

    Lastly, is there any way to apply the RR gun range template to a place to see if you are in range of a potentially undiscovered RR gun?

  • Why do railguns some times simply cannot move through provinces with a 60 hitpoint railway.

    Usually will be able to move after some time but still annoying.

    For example in game 7384627.

    I am Ukraine, all other railways are working except for the 1 at Volhynia.

    The pictures show the furthest that I can go.

    Does this problem have to do with railways being previously disabled?

  • You can see them, look for the timer when it takes it's next shot. Like all the timed shooters, the timer shows up (hardly noticeable), but it is there. when you see the timer running, and you can't see what is shooting--that is your railgun. I have sent bombers to take them out--the other player did not know what hit him.