All Countries event: elite AI issues

  • Hello

    Event was supposed to have Free Nation Selection - it does not.

    On the other hand flags of smaller countries are mixed- so I have Denmark with danish and Belgian flag. Serbia with Danish Flag , Albania with Dutch flag, Netherland with a Swiss flag........

    game code is falling apart

    please help


    got it

    so you joined Holland and Belgium into Benelux but never chose 1 flag for them.

    So Dutch Flag pushed Albanian flag- I do not think this one existed as it is not present anywhere.

    Belgian Flag pushed Danish flag.

    Danish flag pushed Serbian flag

    Serbian flag pushed Romanian flag

    Romanian flag pushed Portuguese flag

    Portuguese flag pushed Swiss flag

    Swiss flag landed in Benelux

    all spots filled - system closed the task as successful.

  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “All COunites: all in issues” to “All Countries: all in issues”.
  • this is known, devs are working on it

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  • Golden Buddha

    Changed the title of the thread from “All Countries: all in issues” to “All Countries event: elite AI issues”.
  • another daisy

    bot spain has war with france

    bot was attacking touluse, then I took it and AI stopped. after brief period AI decided to attack my Touluse even though i do not have war with it... no logic behind that except that AI wants to trigger war

  • I think somebody told you earlier, but I've no problem with repeat it:

    Are you sure they are AI? (In other words, do you verified that status in diplomacy?)

    Because in that event, all countries are playable.

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