Change The Way Planes Are Used? (Where has the suggestions thread gone?)

  • So in my opinion, there have always been tactical issues regarding the use of planes and how overpowered they can be in large numbers and the infamous split trick which almost makes the planes redundant when used.
    I personally think there's a much needed update for the planes really.

    Could we not have it where the fighters cannot bomb ground targets, instead they are just used to patrol the skies (to protect the bombers).
    As for the bombers, could it be possible to have them bomb an area as opposed to a specific target? This would eliminate the cheap split trick while still giving the other player a chance to get their units out of the bombing area (when long range bombing anyway).

    Would something like this be possible? Or am I the only one that finds the current problems with planes annoying?

  • i would say that planes should be allowed to choose target within patrol radius of a strike if enemy is splitting

    this will save a lot of time splitters and a lot of time people commanding planes so we will be able to focus on game once more not on the brainless dodge-dance and retargetting

    it is a waste of time and skills of both users what we are witnessing now with splitting.

  • Overall yes the planes are unbalanced and are broken at times.

    fighters are not that great against ground forces and in irl fighters were used to strafe ground units. but the main problem is that planes do not take/deal normal damage. example 1 fighter could kill 5 fighters without getting damaged. one could say this is realistic others would say no.

    There was an option for players to vote in the past about adding in Call of War plane mechanics into S1914. but the community shot that down.

    as with split stacks is a bit tricky, there is a 4 min window that you are able to change target right after a split stack. there was a suggestion about having code that would identify a split stack so planes couldn't re-target better units in the area.

    all units have a hidden range there is splash damage that is about 5pixels same as with the melee range.

    overall it might be best just to come with different mechanics than trying to fix the current. its very confusing units in the game. i did suggest have AA guns to help fight against the op planes.

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  • Bombing an area as opposed to a specific target is a different mechanic I would say. If you're worried about that adding to the OP part (hitting multiple stacks inside the bombing area), then just lower the damage they deal.

    OR, give all planes a set time they can fly in the air/amount of ammo they carry before needing to land and re-arm and then you could change target whenever you wanted without them automatically returning to base. They'd only do that when their fuel/ammo is spent.

    The list of possibilities is endless.

    And people have been asking for AA guns for years but like most things, we've never got them.

  • there are already units acting as AA guns but is it not so obvious how to use them efficiently

    most people play planes on the basic level and they say planes are broken

    some play on lvl 1 tricks

    I saw handful of guys using tricks and counters for trick of lvl2

    if I met latter ones- I use tricks lvl 3

    there is a mechanic, working mechanic for planes that some programmer put in place but it is not so obvious how to use it

    if you master it- you can kill anyone in this game. just prepare- they will be Gm nuking your provicnes to get rid of airfields

    but as we know: destroying recruiting office, lvl 2 workshop , other things in province and airfield it is around 10 000 $ - rebuilding airfield to usable stance- 850 $

    I may say that I am proud to find a lot of bytro sponsors during games, especially recent event. Gold digger you would say but I prefer to say: sponsor headhunter. on one 500 map I met an account which has spent over 6 000 000 $ and it still lost to my Luftwaffe. You wanna sponsors who pay for server- leave planes alone !

    I just wish someone had paid me 5% from what they get from my sponsors <sob>

  • I have absolutely no idea what you just said in all of that.

  • There is no unit that acts like AA guns when you look at any unit the only good unit to defend against planes are fighters 4.0 air attack. ground unit is .5 which is a balloon and slow. tanks are better due to them have HP. but all these ground units do not have much air attack. 1 bomber vs 1 balloon well the bomber will take no real damage where it will destroy the balloon. the max balloon air attack is 50 in a stack which is only 25.0 air attack compared to 50 bombers or even fighters

    A more effective AA Guns would be like artillery which can damage passing air units in an area, even patrolling zones should be able to intercept planes flying in the zone but nope.

    i wouldn't see a problem about damage air fields adding more time for re-fueling/re-arming realistically damage runways would slow down the rate of how many planes can land/take off.

    As with the use of GMs denouncing the use/users is against the rules keep that in mind


    block possibility to divide stack under bombardment

    plus fighters are great against ground units , i have maps in which they kill more than bombers, you just lose them more often because you make more runs

    fighters are more balanced compared to the bomber. the reason why they "kill more" is merely because there are more fighters. before bombers most players didn't use fighters much because there were more effective methods back then. most players used them to find subs and to see what is in high level forts. when bombers came fighters had more uses and became used more. The fighter is the only unit to counter other fighters and bombers. fighters also don't deal a lot of building damage and thus forts would still provide its protection. unlike bombers where they can level a entire city in a couple of hits.

    as with blocking that wouldn't work and you would see many exploits when it comes to it. example all you need is to send out planes but have them never attack thus the stack would be stuck. if you have a big battle group this would be a huge problem .

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

  • As with the use of GMs denouncing the use/users is against the rules keep that in mind


    I have absolutely no idea what you just said in all of that.

    because it is meant only for guys playing planes, you need to read between the lines

    anyways - I played this new event ALL IN - won 15 of 17 wins with planes. Planes are good but this stack splitting is wasting so much of mine and enemy time and does not not change a thing. Enemy still is hit and dies I had to sit longer to win something I should win without any problems. It would be easier if Bytro can remove teleport as people are using it to move whole stack dozens of seconds to the right or left.