New Unit "Pioneer"

  • This great game that I play since about 10 yrs now could get a little more intresting by having one more unit. Most people just see barracks as not something of intrest as they just need lot of food ressources which is also important as upkeep for all your mech units. Until midgame or if they were lucky with a country that has plenty of food at the beginning, most players do not use the power of barracks.

    Additionally to that, Gas is one of the ressources which is too less important to look for as you need it only for: burning it for oil & coal, building some air fields, building balloons. Pioneers need Gas for their explosive stuff, balloon stuff with what they build bridges that can make units cross rivers or small gaps more quickly and so on.

    ### Pioneer ###

    Pioneers are capable of finding ways through enemy or unknown territory. There are experienced in finding cover and are good in scouting. They are also used as first troops to repair or build important infrastructure such as bridges and trenches. There are also good in blowing smaller enemy buildings and infrastructures with the use of their bombs and handgranates.

    Although pioneers receive military training, they are not as good as infantry or other military human units. But they know to defend if they need.

    Requirement: Barracks lvl 1

    Building Speed: 18hrs/ Barracks lvl

    Upkeep: 20 Grain, 10 Gas

    Cost: 800 Grain, 600 Gas, 4500 Money

    Speed (land, air, see): 40km/h, -, 21km/h

    View range: 180km

    Dmg (attack) (land, air, see): 0.9, 0.1, 0.3

    Dmg (def) (land, air, see): 0.5, 0.1, 0.1

    Size factor: similar to Infantry

    Thanks for your time reading and much appreciate your factual replies to that idea.


  • So, they would act like a Scout/engineer?

    That's cool.

    It would be great if they reduced damage done to buildings so that huge stacks of Arty can be slowed down

    Yes! I had that kind of unit type in mind. With being a little more quick and see a little bit further, they are another good scout. No as good as Amoured Cars but they are much cheaper. I had even ideas for special attributes those "engineers" could have, but I guess that would be too much to ask Bytro right now. They could act as an important additional unit that gives benefits. (Probably in trade of some downsides - so you need to consider when and how to use them? :/:))

  • :/

    Cavalry moves faster, and would be responsible for many "engineer" roles, like spiking guns and blowing up bridges historically.

    They would also be used as scouts and because of their voulnreable situation (on a horse) it would be safe to say that they are a tad bit more susceptible to gunfire

    however i do understand what you are trying to propose ,and i think it's a fun idea:S

  • Spies do gather information or harmful actions during day change, but nothing similar do I propose that the unit "pioneer" should be able to do. Everything, their attributes and costs and requirements are the following.

    You guys seem to mix the text about the attribute description which was only meant to embroid the unit as such and give some description what the pioneer unit was use in WWI for. Please don't mix it.