Best country for the 10 player Europe map?

  • Hello.I would like to find out all of your opinions on what is the best country to play as,in the 10 player map.Of course,for different players it will be different.

    My opinion on the best countries are,Sweden and Ottoman Empire. Let me explain

    Sweden has an AI neighbour,Denmark (Including finland,which is part of Denmark in the map) which can provide resources for Sweden. It is unlikely that Germany is gonna attack DEnmark,and you can deprive Russia of the wood that they lack and might seek to get in northern Finland. Furthermore,Sweden is not at immediate danger of being attacked by another major country so there.

    As for Ottoman Empire,well,AI Neighbours with resources. Lots of them. Im sure you know what im talking about. Also,like Sweden,they do not really border another major power,except that they may get attacked from across the black sea by Russia,or that your expansion may make you border another major power.

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • Ottoman empire and Sweden have just like Morocco the advantage /disadvantage (for morocco) to be isolated if you're active you can keep them off your coast. fighting from the corners has it's huge advantages.

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  • no point, he needs your oil and you need his materials

    it is better to work with him and invade italy when you have forces

    once i had a spain while wisedragon had marocco. it was league of players. everything went fine till marocco decided that being allies finishes when he needs more points than me. so you know - you are even in a better position than spain because you are unsinkable carrier while spain has to watch european and african borders

  • What about Britain? How good are they? Like Morocco,they have the advantage of being completely surrounded by water and no other country. The only other country that could pose a threat is France,but you could remedy that by allying with them or conquering him. Also,Britain can attack Iceland for Fish and Oil,and Belgium for other resources.

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • there was once very good alliance in top 3 who was always heading for England in Alliance games

    but in a position when you are alone - you will struggle with lack of Food. You can try to survive with oil from Iceland but still someone cooperating with Morocco or Russia will outgun you. You need to go with quality units

  • I have joined a game and am currently playing as AH. I am enjoying it,as AH has a good balance of resources. They only lack Fish,Gas and Oil. They produce all other resources fairly well. If you want to satisfy your demand for Fish,Gas and Oil,you can invade Romania,who has all of those (and you can publish in the newspaper that you declared war on Romania because of Transylvanian dispute,for roleplay purposes).

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • problem with AH is it is in the middle and it does not have safe corners...

    I always build forts everywhere and wait for people around me to die or make alliance

    Yeah,that is definetely a problem. My solution is to make alliances with the neighbouring countries (Italy,Germany,Russia,Ottomans).

    Im a pretty Mediocre player :|

  • marocco has problems with food and materials. plus if you producing oil you have problem with coal....

    either you conquer spain or you are out

    same for spain- only good way is to hit marocco

    I lately found out that russia is quite good both in hitorical and normal europe maps. tons of cavs on rampage do the trick in 2 weeks.