Typing mistakes in maps

  • Recently, I've found a typing mistake in the maps. Particularly, the Union of French Indochina has a province of "Phan Tiet" but in fact it should be "Phan Thiet". I guarantee this as I am from Vietnam.

    Thus, I wonder if there are other typing mistakes in the maps. Actually, the game creators have built historical maps with high level of details. It is just the fact that there are so many details needed that they may have some incorrects, which is unavoidable. As the game has its not only entertaining features but also educational values to some extent, would you guys share some incorrects (if there are) so they can be fixed?

    Thank you (both game creators and players)



  • Hey,

    Mistakes can always be made here and there. Sometimes it's a question of what the WWI British name was for a city but even then mistakes are part of the human thinking so the devs might have made a mistake Alkyonor would you happend to know for this specific case?

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  • At first glance, it can be a mistake, but if you think about it a second time, the issue here is dialect. As someone from the Philippines, the English language has always called the capital of the Philippines as "Manila" when in fact the proper way of addressing and pronouncing it is "Maynila".

    As for your case, maybe it also has to do with dialect: You call it that, but in English they say and write it a different way.

    Another example is the name Saladin. That is the English term of it, but other references say it is Salah ad-Din or Salah ed-Dine. And by the way, talking about the Sultan of Egypt and Syria "Saladin". (Mainly because watched a documentary about him so included it as reference 8o)

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    P.S. Darn English Language at times!!!