Is Technical Support really fixing the problems?

  • Some weeks ago, I report to Technical Support a bug about the imposibility to enter to a match as a guest. Even I made that report either in the Frontline Pionner chat and in a PM. I've got no answer about that.

    Now, we have another bug where Frontline Pionner users can't enter to the matches because some display error, in addition to the aforementioned problem that isn't still fixed until now.

    So, the question is about if is Technical Support working? or does they go on vacation?

    Greetings. b78//+

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  • The guest login bug should be fixed by now.

    About the rest Frontline pioneer is beta to avoid bugs from going into the live version. So I can only say thank you for taking your time to report it. The reports are processed and passed on to higher ups usually but then you should still receive an reply.

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