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  • Hello again.
    This will be my third thread.

    One of the admin told me to
    quote "

    "Feel free to contact Whitetiger you can either PM him or send in a general support ticket (see my signature) stating the appeal of the Senior Moderators actions and that the report is ment for the MA. "

    "send in a general support ticket"

    For me to contact "Whitetiger" i need to create a new private account using their

    Homepage :…=188#/user/:userID=478040

    I dont see a point creating a new account when I have this one.

    Before this post I created a new thread and he delete because I am not doing it the right way.

    Even thou he told me to make a new case and grab Whitetiger attention.

    Somthing I did. Few min later it got deleted.

    If that is not admin abuse I dont know.

    He want me to avoid talking about this sensitive case and not put it on the public for the rest to see.

    If this happens to me it has happend to others too, maybe it will happend to the future player of this game.

    I am just trying to open this case and really see what is going on with the Admin of this game.

    There is alot of power hungry admin out there. And I want to expose them.

    It is kinda sad when you are just playing the game. fallow some certain rules and yet you get banned.

    SOmething aint right!

    He even sendt me a private message that this case will go higher up and there is no point for him to read it anymore.*

    Even thou he was the one who took this case and try to solve it.

    He did not solve the problem and sendt me higher up to a guy / girl / it named "White Tiger 89 "

    I am trying to get hold of WhiteTiger89 but it got deleted.

    Aka he going to delete every thread from this account.

    All I want from day one is to know why I got banned for and proof that i called a specific people donkey within 30 min spam.

  • even without account, in the homepage, you can scroll down and click "Support" that way you'll be able to send a ticket

    also, you can check every message you receive from the support team in your email inbox

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  • Dear internettguy,

    As replied to you in pm. The support ticket system is not part of the forum but of the game. You need to log in using your in game account not your forum account. Or as stated by nemuritor98 scrol down and click support on the main game page.

    It has always and will always be policy that warnings and bans are not discussed in public. If you feel that applying the policy that we are demanded to apply is power abuse/corruption. Then you will find the "corruption" leading all the way to BytroLabs who designed the policies we apply. We have no say in the design of the policies we merely apply them.

    And yes when you appeal my actions then it has no meaning for me to reply any longer to your mail. (which I btw still did... If you noticed...) As at that moment my actions are being questioned and as such I'm not longer a neutral party. That way any further conversation on the topic from my side is merely a waste of time(for us both) as my superior will at that moment take the shots. Discussing further with me will no longer lead to different results.

    Anyway discussing bans is not a public affair and as such:

    => Thread closed

    ex - EN Senior Moderator

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