Air Attack Timing

  • When attacking an enemy unit with air power as it is traveling towards you it gets closer but your target destination and time remains the same. The airplane greatly overflies the target for an excessive amount of time before the attack is completed.

    The attack timer and attack destination of airplanes needs to be synchronized with the movement of the targeted enemy so that the planes are not flying uselessly forever.

  • pls write a ticket (BUG REPORT) in your map taking screen shots, showing the timing of the attack and the time till day change at bottom of the screen...Game Operators need this so they can chk and see what is the issue...I use planes as an integral part of my game play style and with 5 active maps in progress at this time have not noticed this 'bug'... perhaps it is only happening in the 'banner view' as I am still using Legacy view on maps?


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  • whole problem is related to initial calculations that stays with your plane. This is why splitting strategy is so good against planes - planes stay on course and there is narrow window of I think 5 km where you can switch target.

    Thanks to that my planes can get ultrasonic speeds of 1500 km/h. Tbh I never used it against human player - but be warned it is possible.

    all comes from one line of code in game engine and allows so many advanced strategies.

    If you do not like it- try playing Supremacy1