damage efficiency strange

  • I thought I good the point regarding damage efficiency and what influnces it. but i now joined a day one map, and when i compare the dmg efficiency of my troups with the one of an IA infantry stack, i struggle to understand.

    both have 10inf, 70% province morale, hitpoints are 66%. my dmg efficiency is shown as 28%, AI's is 55%. wtf? :huh:

    While writing this I see that my mobilzation is at 50%. Which explains the efficiency. but why? I have no shortage of energy, so why do I get this penalty?

  • I ask same sort of questions,

    first thought I have is are you the aggressor, did you declare war?

    second thing I ask is are you entering into the AI province which would slow your mobility...

    if "no" to both of these, I would send a bug report using same screen shots to get explaination...

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  • i am with Austria-Hungary on a historic map. On day4 i attacked Rumania. There were no fortress.

    Moral on my side around 78, on the enemyies side around 74.

    I attacked rural provinces (all four with similiar result) with 12-15 infantries, defending side had 3-4 infantries. Losses were pretty same on both side!!! WHY?

    At the end i attacked the capital with 22infs, 2 AC, 2 cav, defending side had 6 infantries. I lost 4 infantries, Romania lost all 6 units. Again i had expected less loss on my side!

    Could anybody explain me the reason for that? I haven't played this game for ages, the mechanism maybe changed, but i could not found anything on the forum about it.

  • hardcoded behaviour for smaller units

    they are more resistant to dmg and even after loosing 90% of troops they can still do dmg equal to 25% of original force

    it is supposed to be more realistic where small defenders could hide better and kill easier masses of enemy troops

    in most drastic examples you can deal 0 dmg with 50 arts or BSes to a single infantry

    I had 500infs and 50cavs stopped by 2 infs as I killed just one of them, not both.

    but this was 36-6 months ago. as we have a period of update abundance everything we say or write on forum could be not valid any more or the next week.

    just remember to send small troops against small units. i tend to send lemmings ( attacks of single infs) against troops below 5 infs. They mostly do better than attacking with bigger force.