Is Reveal Army a Scum?

  • MT, you can file a BUG report requesting your gold be refunded, however if you look at the time in the newspaper; you will see you likely used gold spy to reveal all armies just prior to day change, and once day change occured you lost what you just paid for, this is common , sorry but gold spy's work same as ordinary silver spy's, except they do instant actions and after day change they need to be deployed again

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    EN Moderator

  • Hi I am playing 3055760 O have spent 1650 golds to reveal armies of the Litvania after showing them for about 2 mins, the information again back to ? marks..

    Please solve this issue or pay my golds back. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I suspect that what Hastings said is most likely what happened in that you deployed the spy just prior to day change however, there is also another possible suspect and that is your "victim" made moves or changes just after you did the reveal which would also cause the report to be updated back to regular.