[EVENT] Crack the code | End of all wars

  • [event] War to end all wars!

    Today it was 100 years ago that World War One came to an end. After 4 years of heavy fighting the guns finally turned quiet. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the armistice took effect. After this war Europe would never be the same. We from the International Support team have decided in remembrance to this event, and as advertisement for the new forum to create a break the code event.

    The winners of this event will be selected randomly from the valid submissions. Sharing the reply REDUCES your own chances. By drawing the winners randomly we hope to create some fairness in the timezones and online times. We'll give away 5 times 25k GM.

    We wish you all fun in trying to crack the next code and storyline:

    Good day soldier,

    The generals have an important task for you. Our spies have intercepted a message from behind enemy lines. It is your task to decode the message and if you succeed the generals might reward you greatly.

    However the task ahead is not easy. Our top mathematicians have tried to break the code but have failed the Motherland heavily. It is only with wisdom, stealth and spy skills that you will be able to achieve glory. Our spies have reported that the key to breaking the code is in the hands of 11 powerfull enemy officials every one of them has a small part of the code so that none of them can be tortured to reveal it at full. Our spies have however found clues on where to find the 11 pieces.

    The hints

    1. The first part is in the hands of A general on the Western front. He's in command of the land battalion near Verdun. Our spies have revealed that his part of the code is hidden in the attack strength of his main ranged unit.
      (non rounded, decimal point not comma)
    2. The second general is in control of the airforce. He's truly obsessed with the production time of his bombers in the most advanced industrial site. How long do they take on such site?
      (style: Xd Yh with X and Y numbers, don't forget the space)
    3. The 3rd part is in the hands of the Admiral of the north Sea. From the Sea port of Antwerp het controls the enemy navy. What structure can we damage to make his marinies less capable to move into the water?
      (fullname,No capital letters, written as in game)
    4. The 4th clue was ment to be unexpected. It's said they used the first two letters of the leader of the International Crew
      (not the crossserver parts, non capital letters)
    5. For the 5th clue it is important to know, knowledge is a powerfull weapon too how much does it cost to get some intel on the enemy?
      (only the numbers not the currency type, upkeep cost of a non GM feature)
    6. A Danish general joined the general staf in the early months of the war. He swore an oath to the danish King. But what is the kings title in Danish?
    7. The war isn't going well for them. The leader of the enemy decided to use his Gold reserves. What is the English abbreviation for that currency.

    8. The upperclass of this war has it's headquarters far away from the frontline. They keep creating new stuff to help the war effort and hunt for bugs in the trenches. What is this location? (city name will do)
    9. In france the development of a new tank took place. The light class tank was an industrial masterpiece. Which still existing car producer developed this tank?
    10. Supremacy1914 is offcourse the greatest of browser games. But in what year was it awarded Best Browser Game?
    11. We've seen the biggest of conflicts. At the worst months of the fighting a lot of regions were involved. But what was there max?
      (most active nations possible on a sup map)

    Please do not fail us soldier!

    The Message:

  • Winners:

    After hard calculations. A lot of spying and saving the motherland. The Empire of EN Supremacy is glad to reward its hero's. Thank you for saving our nation! Your reward will be added to your account soon:




    Nikaela Valentine


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