Fire at will! - Patch Notes July 10, 2019

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    Attention Generals!

    With today’s release we introduce an adjustment to the aggressive fire mode of units. When switching to the aggressive fire mode units will open fire on any unit in range. This includes units of neutral countries and is not limited to units from countries you are currently at war with. Obviously your own units and those of your allies will be spared. There are several strategic benefits to this change. You can now setup naval blockades or prepare for intruders preemptively for example. But be careful, once you open fire on a unit of a neutral country, it will trigger war with this nation.

    As part of the adjustment we limited the aggressive fire mode to range units only. To counter this limitation all units will now block other units automatically when positioned somewhere.

    • Aggressive fire mode: Limited to range units. Units will bombard enemy and neutral units.
    • Fire at will (standard): Blocks and attacks close by neutral or enemy units, unless they have right of way.
    • Return fire /hold fire: Units pass each other without combat.

    The aggressive fire mode can be activated in the fire control, which is available to members of the high command. Membership to the high command can be purchased in the shop.

    We hope you can make good use of the aggressive fire mode and wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Hey I have a question regarding the default option, which says:

    "Blocks and attacks close by neutral or enemy units, unless they have right of way."

    Say I have a neighbor, who I have a verbal non aggression pact with for mutual benefit, represented in-game by a neutral relation between countries. If I for some reason had an artillery sitting in a city close enough to one of his, would it just shoot his armies?

    If so, that is a terrible design choice. It would force me to either not keep units in that province, sign a right of way pact (which I might not want due to several reasons), or just fight him. It's even worse if the reason the artillery was there was because it was built in that province.

  • Would be even funnier with a railgun in a 500p map

    just so it remains clear, you'll start war with everyone in the radius of your range units when in aggresive mode?

    for the Fire at will option, i understand that close by would mean a few km away, not in the radius of the range units, right?

    like when you put a few troops in the beach so it'd stop the disembark and before, unless you had embargo, it didn't trigger war with invaders, i guess now it'll work with peace too (?)

    Return/hold fire, would it be like a secondary Right of Way? as it says "Units pass each other without combat"

  • I would have kept the "Return/hold fire" as standard like before, if the intention is to make the naval blockade a thing, then set it so that embargo's triggers the "Fire at will" if units get close by, either neutral or enemy

    right now embargo serves no purpose in-game, so this would be a way to give it a purpose

    it makes no sense to not be able to navigate with naval units because of the fear of triggering war with everyone

    bad update from my point of view

  • I agree with this firing at all neutrals is a bit overkill 'Imagens cases where you accidently cross neighbours in the ocean, and have a defensive position built out., If it was only aggressive mode I'd understand. Would be interesting addition for RP's as then you can truly claim "You need to pay to get though the straight of gibraltar" as then you don't need to be online 24/7 to attack somebody trying to slip through, but it should not be the default vs neutrals. On the sea for melee units I agree that the trade embargo should serve this purpose.

  • Awful update.

    Mainly, the update destroys the submarines' feature of being stealth and, in that way, bypassing stationary units in the sea.

    It's so unreal... German Empire would have lost the WWI faster, had their submarines forced to attack any enemy unit in contact with them.

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